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High-tech Zone
Regional Transportation

Located in the west of main urban area, Hi-tech Zone has 134 roads under administration, mainly including Lushun South Road, Huangpu Road, Qixian Lu, Guangxian Road, Yihao Road, Hongling Road, Lingshui Road, Wuyi Road, Shuma Road, etc, and 1 national road and 46 municipal administration paths. The overall length is 239.6 km.

There are 21 bus routes, 6 interzonal bus routes including Lushun (South Road) – Dalian Station North Square, Lushun (North Road) - Dalian Beigangqiao Bus Station and Lushun (Middle Road) – Zhoushuiqian.

The main 13 urban bus routes are
No. 3 Bus
: Malan Square – Hekou Software Park (Huaxin Building);
No. 10 Bus: Hekou Railway Station – Baihe Villa;
No. 22 Bus: Hongji Scholarly Park – Qingniwaqiao;
No. 23 Bus: East Gate of DLUT – Foreign Language College;
No. 28 Bus: Jiefang Square – Xiaoping Island;
No. 33 Bus: Paoai Residential Square – Dongbei University of Finance and Economics;
No. 36 Bus: Hekou Software Park – Vanke Creek Valley;
No. 202: Xinggong Street – Xiaoping Island;
No. 531 Bus: Dalian Railway Station – Gaoxin No.1 Middle School;
No. 533 Bus: Lingshui Road – Anmin Street;
No. 406 Bus: Xiwang Square – Baihe Villa;
No. 406 Bus Extra: Baihe Villa – Taiyuan street;
No. 801 Bus: Zone Bus