Networking and E-commerce Industry

Networking and e-commerce industry is one of the special supporting industries of the development of high-end services in DHTZ. It is the important representative industry of the billion industrial cluster in the future. It prioritizes the new network domain such as Internet, E-commerce, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things, etc. At present, 130 enterprises have settled in DHTZ. Trading volume of DHTZ networking industry in 2014 exceeds 900 billion RMB .

Internet of Things, Cloud Computing


Tencent Wireless Technology (Dalian) R&D Center

China's largest internet integrated service provider-Northern region R&D headquarter of Tencent.

Dalian Renewable Resources Market

Founded in 2012, it's the largest renewable resources market in China, filling the gap of China's modern e-transaction for renewable resources. In 2014, the transaction amount reaches 700 billion RMB, and will realize a sales revenue of 540 billion RMB within 5 years after its establishment. At present, 11 items are being traded in the market covering regenerated steel, recycled plastics, and cashmere, etc.

Northeast Asia Spot Commodity Exchange

It's the first spot commodity exchange ratified by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce in China, officially launched for trading in 2012. The trading subjects have expanded to 50 items across 8 categories including magnesia, energy, agricultural products, etc. The trading volume in 2014 exceeded 110 billion RMB.

Dalian Manna Enterprise Service Co., Ltd

A service specialist in foreign trade supply chain management and Ecommerce. Its self-developed “Tiantiantong Cross-border Ecommerce Demonstrative Platform” has been recognized as the first platform in Dalian.