ACG and Cultural Creativity Industry

Supported by ACG industry, DHTZ is striving to develop cultural creative industry to promote a high integration of electronic information technology and cultural creative industry. There are 70 enterprises with total sales income of 5.2 billion RMB in 2014. DHTZ receives the honor of “National Culture and Technology Integration Demonstration Base” jointly evaluated and granted by four ministries. i.e. the Ministry of science and technology, the Central Publicity Ministry, the Ministry of Culture, and the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and TV.

China Hualu Group

As a central enterprise of China, Hualu Group is a new cultural industry group with foundation of information industry, and has formed three industrial segments of digital audio and video terminals, contents and services, and created a complete domestic digital high-definition audio and video industrial chain.

NHN Dalian Networking Technology Co., Ltd.

The research engine and game R&D center invested by NHN, a South Korea's flagship IT company.

Game 95 Networking Technology Co., Ltd.

Game 95 is an international leading game engine R&D company with partnership of China's top 10 game operation platforms.

Dalian Betop Multimedia Co., Ltd.

Dalian Betop Multimedia Co., Ltd. Only by ministry of science and technology identified as "international science and technology cooperation base" Betop's “Mobile spherical screen flying cinema”