2017 Industrial Development Milestones


DHTZ Management Committee formally released "Opinions on Promoting the Development of Dalian Innovation and Entrepreneurship Finance-themed Town (Trial)" and set up a special fund for the development of the finance-themed town to support financial industry clustering and development and to encourage investment, financial innovation, and attracting senior financial professionals.

The Dalian Municipal Government and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have signed a framework agreement. The Dalian Science and Education Integration Base of the Chinese Academy of Sciences will be located in Yingge Shi in DHTZ.

The "Internet Industry Alliance" of Liaoning Province was established in DHTZ.



Guowei Jin, Secretary of the Party Committee of DHTZ, and the Director of the Management Committee, led a team to Kyoto to attract investment. It was a successful trip and marked a good start of 2017.

DHTZ confirmed the start of construction of a 50,000-square-meter Qixianling area talent apartments.

Fidelity (Dalian), Neusoft Cloud Technology and other 9 DHTZ companies was selected as the TOP10 "2017 China's Best Employer of the Year" in Dalian. 



Cheng Xiaobo, Director of the National Information Center, went to DHTZ to investigate the big data industry.

The unveiling ceremony of the Northeast Asia Big Data Center Series and the release meeting of the "Belt and Road" trade cooperation big data report was held. The Northeast Asia Big Data Center, the Northeast Asia Big Data Research Institute, and Northeast Asia Data Valley settled in DHTZ.

Dalian Betop Technology won the "Best Tourism Industry Innovation Award".

The first international school in DHTZ- Dalian Eaton International School, officially started construction.



Dalian DHC and Japan's IT giant JNEC SDN announced the initiation of strategic cooperation to jointly build the "DHC-NEC SDN Joint Innovation Center" and debuted the cloud service-oriented software-defined network (SDN) in China.

DHTZ Big Data Industry Association was formally established.

DHTZ officially implemented the "Technology Innovation Project" policy, and Technology entrepreneurship can be supported by up to 10 million yuan.

The first phase of silicon-nitride-based gallium nitride power device industrialization project developed by Dalian Xinguan Technology officially entered the trial production stage. This is the first of its kind in China.


DHTZ was awarded as the “National Innovation Base for Personnel Training”.

The inauguration ceremony of the "China Military Missile Technology Research Institute Dalian Civil and Military Integration Innovation Center" was held in DHTZ.

The Management Committee of DHTZ cooperated with Tongji University to jointly build "Tongji University Venture Valley Northern Base".

IBM's largest innovation studio in China was completed in DHTZ. This is another milestone for IBM's development in Dalian.

Softbank Japan upgraded its Dalian company to China's regional headquarters.

China Hualu Group was selected as the Ninth Top 30 Cultural Enterprises and it is the only company from Liaoning Province in recent years.



During the 2017 Summer Davos Forum, Premier Li Keqiang visited Neusoft collage SOVO.

DHTZ has fully upgraded the “Overseas returned entrepreneurs project” and the outstanding projects can receive up to 1,000,000 RMB project funding.

58 as the “Leader of China's Logistics Outsourcing Service Provider” settled in DHTZ.

DHTZ and the Chemical Industry Research Institute were selected as the second batch of “National Innovation Demonstration Bases”. This is the first time that company from Dalian has won this award.

The 15th China International Software and Information Service Fair was successfully held.



The first intellectual property rights learning and research base in Liaoning established together by the procuratorate and universities was formally settled in DHTZ

2017 China overseas returned entrepreneurs week was successfully held.

2017 overseas returned entrepreneurs project roadshow were officially launched.

The first domestic industrial simulation cloud platform launched by INTESIM and Huawei went online.

The 2017 "Mayor's Cup" Dalian Industrial Design Competition came to a successful conclusion.

Dalian VRGVTech was officially listed on the “New Third Board”.



The “Three-Year Action Plan for the Construction of National Innovation Demonstration Zone in DHTZ” (2017-2019) was launched, which identified “smart industries and smart energy as the two main industries”, with life sciences, marine technology, and digital cultural innovation as the "three major cooperative industries".

The “National Intellectual Property Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance” established by voluntary negotiation of 129 production and research institutes has officially settled in DHTZ.

Dalian DHC won the “2017 Governor Quality Award”.

IBM, YNC China and Accenture were honored as “2016 Excellent Foreign-invested Enterprises” in Dalian.



The high-tech talent market and foreign employee service center held an unveiling ceremony.

Dalian High-tech Zone officially launched the series of strategic cooperation activities of “focusing on Shanghai, focusing on Zhangjiang”.

The evaluation of the first “Creation Project” venture project in the High-tech Zone was officially launched.

Hi-tech Zone signed a letter of intent on tripartite cooperation on the construction of smart cities with Kyoto Prefecture and Kansai Cultural and Research City Promotion Organization. This is the first cooperation agreement signed between Dalian City and the Japanese provincial government.



INTESIM Dalian won the title of “2017 Top Ten Chinese Industrial Software Outstanding Enterprises”.

Dalian MI-PASS Technology was successfully selected as a “National Brand Innovation Project” and became the first innovative technology company from Liaoning province.

Dalian START Technology won the bid for the China Commercial Aircraft Digital Assembly Production Line with the comprehensive ranking of first place.



In November, DHTZ was approved as the “Pilot Zone for Brand Building of Industrial Clusters”.

Guagua Technology ( Guagua finance Dalian Headquarters) settled DHTZ.

DHTZ Venture Service Center was selected as the “2017 Technology Incubators” and ranks ninth in the country. It is the only technology business incubator from Northeast China that was listed among the top ten in China.

Ma Xiangkun, a professor-level senior engineer of Dalian Rongke power was selected into the “National Talents Project 2017”.

China's first fuel cell car was officially put into mass production. Fuelcell became the only company that commercialized mass production of hydrogen fuel cells in China.

Dalian Betop Technology,  Jing Cai Zai Xian Technology, Dalian NHN ST, and Dalian XYZDIGITAL STUDIO Technology, were recognized as "2017-2018 National Key Cultural Export Enterprises".




DHTZ was recognized as the "National Intellectual Property Pilot Park".

DHTZ was approved as a national "Innovative Industrial Cluster Pilot".

The Preparatory Group of the DHTZ Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau formally launched the origin visa and the 3C exemption-free and out-of-catalogue confirmation business.

OpenJaw, the world’s Irish leading provider of tourism technology and product services, settled in DHTZ.

The Eastern Center Branch of the National Technology Transfer settled in DHTZ.

"The Dalian Institute of Stem Cell and Precision Medicine Innovation and the National Application and Demonstration Center for Gene Detection Technology" were unveiled.

ACRE, China Hualu, Fuelcell, Dalian Rongke Power and Ai Kang Pu Technology won the “Ninth China Patent Award".

DHTZ held the 2017 Technology Support Policy Redemption Conference, which supported a total of 506 technology projects. The cumulative amount of support funds for various policies was 171 million yuan, and a total of 295 enterprises received support funds.

Dalian Mannaren successfully signed contract with Dalian Tiancheng Zhongjie Park, covering an area of ​​3.6 square kilometers. This is the first European large-scale development project that Dalian local company has signed.