2016 Industrial Development Milestones


The State Council approved Dalian as a comprehensive national cross-border  e-commerce experiment zone. 

DHTZ signed "Yinggeshi Regional Cooperation Agreement" with Dalian Anywide Group, and signed "DHTZ Yinggeshi Region Strategic Cooperation Plan" with Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dalian Anywide Group,. Together, the three parties will create the " 2025 Innovation Center " in Yinggeshi innovative region. 

DHTZ and Liaoning Normal University signed a cooperation agreement to achieve the goal of "providing the best education in the city". 

Dalian Canglong Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. invested 20 million euros to merge with the French company Alma, Mayor Xiao Shengfeng attended the signing ceremony. 


Dalian Union Media Co., Ltd. was listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations, it is the first media marketing company listed in the northeast region. 

Dalian Dalian Manna Corporate Services Co., Ltd. became the only partner of Luxembourg's e-commerce department in China. 

DHTZ signed a strategic cooperation agreement with one of the leading Chinese private equity fund,Cybernaut Group . 


The event "Chinese Entrepreneurial Activities in Dalian" officially launched in DHTZ. This marked "DHTZ Entrepreneurial Demonstration Project" was included in the national "Chinese Entrepreneurial Demonstration Project". 

Life Science Innovation Center was officially launched in the DHTZ. 

Zhang Zhihong, director of the Torch Center in the State Ministry of Science and Technology, Zhao Jinghai, deputy director of Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Department, and other leaders investigated Dalian Sanlight Machinery Co., Ltd. 

The State Council set up Shenda National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, which brought DHTZ into a new development milestone. 


Sony integrated the information services business in China, established Sony Information Systems (China) Co., Ltd., and set up its headquarter of Great China in Dalian. 

Mayor Xiao Shengfeng met with Sony's vice president and general representative of China, Nemoto Shoji. 

Mayor Xiao Shengfeng investigated key scientific and technological innovation projects and enterprises in DHTZ. 

Intellectual Property Case Reception Center of Dalian Municipal Procuratorate, namely DHTZ Intellectual Property Protection Center was officially in operation. 

DHTZ was awarded by Dalian Municipal Government as the incubator of foreign trade enterprises. 


Chen Qiufa, Governor of Liaoning Province, inspected the working progress of DHTZ's information industry.  

Bai Chunli,  Dean of Chinese Academy of Science, inspected Chinese Academy of Sciences' teaching and research base project in Yinggeshi region of DHTZ. 

The Provincial CPPCC Chairman, Xia Deren,  inspected the companies in DHTZ.  

Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Dalian Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Tang Jun, led a group to inspect the cultural development of DHTZ, and hosted a conference to listen to the comments and suggestions from the companies' bosses.  

China 's first "International Micro-Film Festival" was launched in the DHTZ. 


The China Overseas Chinese Students 2016 (CHINAOCS 2012)was successfully held. 

The 2016 "Mayor Cup" Dalian Industrial Design Competition was successfully held. 

Led by the Yingte Engineering Simulation Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., the construction of independent intellectual property rights simulation hardware and software platform-Chinese simulation cloud platform was established. 

Liaoning Provincial Party Committee Secretary and Provincial Standing Committee, Li Xi,  inspected the companies in DHTZ. 

Vice Minister of the Social Affairs Department, Tang Tao, inspected the companies in DHTZ. 

Vice Minister of Commerce Department, Fang Aiqing and his fellows, inspected the development of software and service outsourcing industry in DHTZ. 

The Hitachi Consulting (Dalian) R & D Center opened up. 

The 17th Software & Information Service Fair was successfully held. 


Dalian Jinxinde Software Co., Ltd. was listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations. 

Haoyue Medical System (Dalian) Co., Ltd. was listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations. 

General Administration of Customs approved the formal operation of the DHTZ Customs. 

Dalian Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau set up a branch in DHTZ. 


The standing member of Liaoning Provincial Committee and the secretary of Dalian Municipal Party Committee, Tang Jun, the vice secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Xiao Shengfeng, led the inspection of the progress on the key projects in DHTZ. 

The Sandaoke Chemistry Co., Ltd.  settled a new factory in Longtou technology 怕人可. 


Mayor Xiao Shengfeng met with the president of IBM Great China, Chen Liming. 

Mayor Xiao Shengfeng met with the general manager and senior partner of PWC global service delivery center, Rakashi Battia. 

The global leading IT solutions provider for the automotive retail industry, CDK Global Sharing Center (Dalian), was established in DHTZ. 

Mayor Xiao Shengfeng met with the president of  CDK Global's International Business Department, Andrew Dean. 

The opening ceremony of the joint venture invested by Anshan Iron and Steel Group Information Industry Co., Ltd. and Japanese Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric Industrial System Co., Ltd.was successfully held. 

Dalian Vade Intelligent Vision Industry Innovation Center Co., Ltd. was established. 


DHTZ held a conference of Dalian IT industry, named "New Opportunities and New Challenges", in Tokyo, Japan,. About 600 well-known Japanese IT companies' leaders participated. 

Neusoft, Intel, and FAW Car Co., Ltd. jointly released an intelligent cockpit platform. 

Yingte simulation won the outstanding enterprise for the Chinese Industrial Software Award, and the Outstanding Software Products Award. 

The leading company of the global food and drug testing industry, Eurofins, established a new laboratory in DHTZ. 


Provincial CPPCC Chairman, Xia Deren, inspected the companies in DHTZ. 

The Vice Mayor, Liu Yan,  met with Cisco's Vice President, Joe Cozzolino. 

The conference for the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Neusoft Group and the 15th anniversary of the establishment of Neusoft Japan was held in Tokyo. 

Dalian municipal real estate registration center high-tech  branch was officially established. 

Dalian Biyouxue  Education Network Co., Ltd. was re-elected as the "Deloitte" Chinese top 50 growing companies. 


The meeting on the fulfillment of mass entrepreneurship and innovation policy was held in DHTZ. 13 makerspaces, 6 incubators  and 9 service agencies received a total of 12 million RMB for the"twelve supporting policies" funds. 

Huawei software development cloud  conference was held in Dalian. Huawei Enterprise Cloud, Dalian Huaxin, Yida Information, Yingte simulation, Dalian University of Technology, and Dalian Maritime University, signed the cloud computing strategic cooperation agreement respectively. 

DHTZ and Harbin Institute of Technology Special Robot Co., Ltd. signed Harbin Institute of Technology robot research and application producing base project agreement.