2014 Industrial Development Events

10 organizations of High-tech Zone were identified as the first batch of technological-finance-featured organizations of Dalian City.

“Three board” of 10 enterprises of High-tech Zone are listed in first batch.

The opening ceremony of Toshiba Medical System Research (Dalian) Co., Ltd. was held.

High-tech Zone was approved as the national “Key Area of Sino-Israel High Technology Industry Cooperation” .

Start-up Workshop Nursery was established.

High-tech Zone Chamber of Commerce, auto industry branch, was established.

The activity of “Hundreds of Cadres Take Care of Thousands of Enterprises” came to a successful end and investigated more than 800 enterprises.

Xia Deren, chairman of Liaoning Province CPPCC, and his group investigated High-tech zone with the theme of “technological innovation-driven industrial upgrading.”

The leading group of high-tech industry cooperation boost of High-tech Zone was established, and the relevant job officially began.

High-tech Zone’s public service of " three-level platform and two agencies" started.

The opening ceremony of U.S. Concentrix Dalian Company, one of the world's top 10 customer relationship management operators, was held.

Liaoning Province Governor Li Xi investigated High-tech Zone.

Tang Jun, member of the Standing Committee of Liaoning Province and secretary of Dalian Municipal Party Committee, and his group investigated High-tech Zone.

Deputy director-general of Service Trade Department of MOFCOM Wang Lianpo and his group inspected High-tech Zone Bonded Centre.

2014 “Chinese Overseas Scholars Business Week” was successfully held.

2014 "Mayor Cup" Dalian Industrial Design Competition was successfully held.

2014 International Elite Match of Chinese Online Games was held successfully.

Vice-governor of Liaoning Province He Min investigated High-tech Zone cultural creative industry.

Li Wancai, then mayor of Dalian City, investigated High-tech Zone.

ZTE Corporation and High-tech Zone signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement on smart city R&D centre and northeast headquarters project.

Mercedes Benz, one of Global Top 500 companies, set up financial leasing and car rental companies.

Entry and Exit Administration Bureau, High- tech Zone Office officially carried out Chinese citizens' entry and exit business within the jurisdiction.

More than 50 leaders from all office departments, public institutions, sub-districts and organizations in High-tech Zone went to key projects and enterprises for in-depth field research.

The awards ceremony of “DDT - Top 20 of Dalian High Technology and High Growth” was held in High-tech Zone. A number of high-tech enterprises were selected, with the highest three-year accumulated income growth rate up to 493%.

CISCO Global Support Centre Dalian branch, a Global network interconnection giant, was established.

High-tech Zone Scientific and Technical Innovation Fund Management Approach (Provisional) was officially released, so as to improve the efficiency of the use of scientific and technological innovation, guide and encourage enterprises in the zone to transform, upgrade, innovate and develop.

The leading group meeting of Dalian cross-border e-commerce service pilot was held in High-tech zone.

The awards ceremony of DDT “China Top 50 of High Technology and High Growth” was held. Four enterprises in High-tech Zone were selected.

High-tech Zone undertook the 11st National High-tech Zone Directors Joint Council.

High-tech Zone was included in the national high-tech zone innovation-driven development demonstration projects issued by Ministry of Science and Technology, becoming one of the first batch of 12 implementary high-tech zones.

Tang Jun, member of the Standing Committee of Liaoning Province and secretary of Dalian Municipal Party Committee, and his group investigated High-tech Zone.

Start-up Workshop was certified as the nation-level science and technology business incubator.

WNS China Global Delivery Centre was formally established.

4 enterprises and 9 high-end talented persons in Hi-tech Zone were selected to the eighth batch of Liaoning Province “hundreds, thousands and millions of talents project”.

Liaoning Ougu Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "Culture and Technology Integration Research Institute" by Dalian Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.