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Bureau 1

Main functions of Bureau 1 (Europe and America)

Responsible for investment attraction from Europe and America for the zone.

Make Europe and America area investment attraction plan and implementation scheme; make investment attraction policy and market analysis for Europe America area.

Responsible for negotiation and introduction of projects from Europe and America; responsible for reception of European and American investors.

Organize team to go to Europe and America for investment attraction.

Responsible for organization and coordination of related work of Europe and America investment attraction.

Responsible for establishment and maintenance of foreign merchant contacts and project information base.


  • Li Wenchao
  • Deputy Director
  • Bureau 1
  • Tel:84821207
  • Email:jettyli@
  • Li Jun
  • Bureau 1
  • Tel:84821225
  • Guo Xueqing
  • Bureau 1
  • Tel:84820530
  • Tang Lin
  • Bureau 1
  • Tel:84821209